When you’re trying to promote your travel or tourism business, you likely are willing to try all kinds of tactics to get in front of the customers you know you need to succeed. By working with Port of Go! Travel Expo as an exhibitor or sponsor for one of our events, you’ll benefit from our marketing, helping you to boost your visibility and brand recognition. 

Enhanced Media Exposure

When you’re an exhibitor or a sponsor of one of our events, you’ll enjoy enhanced media visibility because you’ll be featured heavily in all of our own marketing. From social media posts to advertisements to articles about our Port of Go! Travel Expo, you’ll have more media exposure than you would normally get otherwise!

Reach New Customers

When you’re an exhibitor or a sponsor at a Port of Go! Travel Expo, you’ll have more opportunities to reach customers that might otherwise not be targeted by your own marketing efforts. With your brand name, products, or services taking up physical space in one of our events, you’ll be able to catch the eyes of new customers who are attending and make new connections with consumers. 

Networking Opportunities

One of the best ways to market your business is through collaborations and networking with other businesses. Whether you’re simply swapping tips and tricks of the industry you share or you’re working together to promote one another, you’ll have better opportunities to network with fellow business owners at a Port of Go! Travel Expo. 

Generate New Sales

Of course, part of getting in front of new customers and having increased marketing benefits is that you’ll be able to generate new sales for your business! Whether you’re selling products and services as an exhibitor at one of our events or you’re a sponsor whose brand name is now in front of new consumers, you’re likely to see a bump in sales. 

Learn more about Port of Go! Travel Expo and become an exhibitor or sponsor today! 

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